Message from Chairman

Diet Academy Chairman:
Shoichi Fukuzaki

If you have had opportunities to appreciate old master paintings of attractive women, you probably noticed that most women looked full, or rather fat. This may indicate that nobody thought, in those days, being overweight might damage his/her health.

Meanwhile, modern medical advancement has revealed the adverse effects of being overweight. Obesity is blamed as a crucial player of the "deadly quartet" together with diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

With our eating habits of taking in excess calories, it is hard to stay in shape these days. A survey says two out of every three Americans are overweight or obese, over 25 BMI (Body Mass Index). Thus, weight control is now widely recognized as a serious public health problem.

Now, let us talk about underlying principles of weight control. Theoretically, there are only two underlying causes for losing weight; one is the result of one or more internal organs having a disorder or illness and the other is the result of physical starvation whether in short or long term.

"Dieting," in its real sense of the word, is an attempt to achieve "controlled weight," or weight loss in most cases, by taking food in a regulated fashion. Every day we are bombarded with conflicting information about dieting and weight loss. Efforts based on inaccurate knowledge are not only ineffective but also hazardous to health. For example, some lose-weight-fast types of programs may lead to anorexia or other physical disorders.

It is no coincidence that the DietMaster program was originally developed in Japan, known as the country of the world’s highest life expectancy. With this program you can learn the real facts about weight control mechanisms such as basal metabolism, calorie intake and burning, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and harmful effects of calorie deficiency.

For many of us, a vigorous workout or restrictive diet is just hard to continue. The DietMaster program gives you comprehensive knowledge regarding realistic ways to let you maintain a healthy weight. Staying healthy is not just for yourself, but for your family and the community you live in.

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DietMaster certification courses are originally developed by Japan Diet Academy. The curriculum is designed by Dr. Ohno, a leading authority in the field of behavior modification therapy and obesity research.