Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a school where I can learn DietMaster?
No. You can only take DietMaster Course's online at home.
2. What is the difference between the Regular and Advanced courses?
Please see the difference in the contents of each program. Both courses offer certifications upon completion. You will receive a certificate from the Japan Society for the Study of Diet and Obesity, an NPO authorized by the Japanese Cabinet Office.
3. Do I get a discount if I take both courses?
No. We currently do not give any discounts.
4. How long does it usually take to complete the courses?
On average, students take about 30 minutes to an hour to finish one chapter.
Both the Regular and Advanced courses have six chapters. Therefore, it is possible to finish one course within a day, but on average, students take about one week to complete each course.
Of course, you can study at your own pace as long as you finish within the time limit.
5. I don't like studying. Is it hard for me to complete a course and get a certification?
DietMaster Online Courses use a lot of animation with narrations, so that you can easily learn the contents. Each chapter has a test at the end. You can check what you have just learned. You can take the certification exam after completing all chapters. Once you have passed the exam, you will receive certification.
6. What kind of jobs can I use the DietMaster certification for?
All kinds of jobs related to diet or weight loss. It also includes jobs such as assisting health oriented people and supporting child obesity prevention.
7. How many people have completed the courses?
In Japan, approximately 1500 people completed the courses with DietMaster certification and the number has been increasing.

DietMaster Courses Available Both Online and Offline

DietMaster certification courses are originally developed by Japan Diet Academy. The curriculum is designed by Dr. Ohno, a leading authority in the field of behavior modification therapy and obesity research.