Merits and Features of E-learning

 Get certified while learning at home.

Being a "DietMaster" is being a diet and weight loss expert with specialized knowledge about diet and weight control based on the medically proven theory. By learning the mechanism of gaining and losing weight, you can naturally lose 2 to 4 lbs a month without extreme diet or excessive exercising.

You can easily learn the correct theory and method at home through DietMaster's E-learning course. Upon completion, you will receive a DietMaster's certificate. The course materials were prepared based on the content created by Japan Diet Academy. You can learn at your own pace and schedule.

Two courses with different levels are available.

There are two DietMaster online courses available. They consist of programs that contain the basic weight loss theory, how it should be practiced, and advanced knowledge about diet and weight control.

Regular DietMaster Course
Very effective course to control your own weight or to become a diet/weight loss advisor. It teaches the basic theory of weight loss and how to put it into practice. The course provides knowledge about metabolism, weight loss methods, lifestyle diseases, behavior modification and more.
Advanced DietMaster Course
The course is for aspiring diet and weight loss professionals and also for people who are interested in learning in depth about diet-related issues including mental health.
It also includes subjects such as how to proceed with exercise therapy, how to prevent and handle weight rebound, and problems involving alcohol. The course is useful for people who intend to start a diet and weight loss related business.

 Courses are easy to follow and complete.

DietMaster's Online Course is created by using Flash. The course materials are with narration and made easy to understand by using images, charts and diagrams. DietMaster's Online Course also provides a reliable support system for learners. It takes full advantage of the Internet's interactive properties to offer useful functions such as auto-scoring test, one-to-one instruction and questioning. Also, the support desk at DietMaster Online Course Management Office monitors students' progress. The support desk will answer questions from students or supervise them throughout their study.

Master the DietMaster theory and method in a short time.

  • Each DietMaster Online Course can usually be completed within one month.
  • Regular DietMaster Course (Average 1 week, Shortest 1 day, Longest 1 month)
  • Advanced DietMaster Course (Average 1 week, Shortest 1 day, Longest 1 month)
  • During the study period, you can go back to the same online contents as many times as you need. You can also take the test until you get a satisfactory score.

Reliable and original program supervised by leading authorities of obesity treatment and nutrition.

The contents concerning medicine were created under the editorship of Dr. Ohno, known as the "Diet Doctor." Ms. Aramaki, a national registered dietitian supervised the contents about nutrition and healthy diet menus. The contents are full of useful knowledge for successful diet and weight loss. You can learn the basics of weight control and diet easily and surely at your own pace. Master the method of losing weight by taking three regular meals a day. DietMaster Course offers a reliable healthy weight control program that you can start today.

 Learn Practical Diet Methods You Can Use in Your Daily Life

DietMaster's Online Course is not just for learning what the correct weight loss theory is. It also gives instruction for healthy weight control by healthy dieting. With DietMaster, you can acquire the weight loss theory and methods which can easily put you and your family’s daily weight control into practice.
According to 2008 data, more than 64% of adults in the U.S. are overweight and more than 26% are obese, with the rate continually increasing. The incremental tendency of obesity is seen worldwide.
DietMaster provides the skill much needed in today's health-conscious society. You can use the knowledge and certification not only for your own weight control but for creating additional job opportunities.

DietMaster Courses Available Both Online and Offline

DietMaster certification courses are originally developed by Japan Diet Academy. The curriculum is designed by Dr. Ohno, a leading authority in the field of behavior modification therapy and obesity research.