Avoid Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Some people go on fasting or just eating a single food (such as apples, eggs, yogurt and pineapples) to lose weight quickly. Or some restrict themselves from eating certain foods that include carbohydrate, oil or meat. These weight loss methods are temporarily effective since they extremely reduce the amount of food intake. However, a large number of people who go on an extreme diet experience weight rebound as they return to eating normal meals.

"Rebound" is not only regaining weight. While one is on an extreme diet, he/she loses not only body fat but also muscles. In addition, when regaining weight, his/her body fat increases. This means that body fat increases each time one experiences weight rebound.

So, what is the solution?
The point is balancing between energy intake and energy expenditure.
If you keep more intake than expenditure, it means you will gain weight. If the expenditure is larger than intake, you lose weight.

There is a minimum amount of energy required to support your basic body functions such as keeping your vital organs working and your body temperature. This is called BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate). Average men need around 1700 kcal while average women need around 1500 kcal. These are the minimum amount of calories humans need to intake. If you go on a diet without knowing your BMR and restrict yourself from eating enough for a few months, you could get physical troubles such as anemia, irregular heart beat and dizziness. In cases of women, irregular mense or amenorrhea may occur.

Human beings are omnivorous. We keep nutritional balance by eating various foods. No single food, even health foods, can supply all nutrients in the amounts we need, so we must always eat a variety of food.

Diet Supplements

Taking supplements such as fiber and protein is rather popular among those who want to lose weight. However, these supplement cannot replace real food.

Overly depending on supplements may cause serious health problems. To be healthy, we need to take in the "life " that exists in real food, especially vegetables. Real food has the nutrition that makes and keeps us healthy. Some people use supplements because they worry about taking too much calories from real food. But it is not a good way to lose weight. You must be especially careful about over-hyped diet supplement pills sold at drug stores or online shops.

Weight Loss Surgery

Liposuction, a cosmetic surgery to remove fat, may sound attractive to those who seek a quick and easy way to lose weight. But the fact is that there are many cases of failure.

Besides liposuction, there are a variety of weight loss surgeries. Most of them are for limiting the amount of food you can take in. However, those surgeries may cause serious complications such as infections, hernias and more. Spending a lot of money to damage natural beauty or health is absolutely senseless. There is not enough postoperative patient data of weight loss surgeries to assure that they are safe.

Increasing Health Damages by Using Incorrect Weight Loss Methods

Most weight loss programs that reduce weight quickly and easily are dangerous.
For instance, drinking certain Chinese teas are said to be effective for losing weight, but it is not safe to take anything without knowing what the ingredients are. Some people get severe diarrhea and think that the tea is taking effect for losing weight, but body fat does not decrease that way. In more serious cases, people get hospitalized with problems such as liver damage.

Correct Weight Loss Programs Are Also Effective for Preventing Lifestyle-Related Diseases Obesity is Increasing Regardless of Age and Sex
Lifestyle-related diseases is a collective name for the disorders, caused by neglect of health for a long period of time, including diabetes, stroke, heart disorder, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure and obesity. In recent years, people with lifestyle-related diseases are increasing worldwide. Most of them also have "Metabolic Syndrome". Metabolic Syndrome is a combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. People with Metabolic Syndrome tend to have lifestyles including a high-calorie, high-fat diet and little or no exercise. Lifestyle-related diseases or Metabolic Syndrome are not limited to adults. Many children, both in developed and undeveloped countries, are suffering from these diseases and obesity. One of the causes is clearly due to high-calorie, high-fat and sugar intake. WHO reports that there are almost 1 billion people overweight and at least 300 million people are obese. Many of them already have or will have diseases like diabetes, heart disorder and stroke.
Avoid Damaging Your Health  For Healthy Weight Loss - Know Your Body and the Mechanisms of Gaining and Losing Weight
There are many people who want to lose weight. Some of them are not even overweight but just believe that they need to lose weight to be more attractive. Secondly, there are many weight loss programs and methods with "before and after" photos being introduced in mass media. Therefore, the problem is that many people accept them without question and start practicing dangerous weight loss plans. The people who go with quick and easy weight loss methods tend to experience “weight rebound” and often suffer health problems. Before you start any weight loss program or method, you should be informed about your body and develop a plan most suitable to you. Most importantly, you need to understand the mechanisms of gaining and losing weight. DietMaster Courses teaches the basics of how to achieve healthy weight loss. Learn the meaning of terms such as basal metabolism, body fat, visceral fat level, muscle quantity and bone quantity and their relation and importance to weight gain and weight loss.
Dangers of Eating Only One Kind of Food – Learn from the Tragedy of “the Last Chance Diet” Micro Diet is Not Always Safe
About 30 years ago, liquid protein diet became very popular among women in the U.S. It was called "the last chance diet." This diet method was to only drink a lot of liquid protein to burn calories.

Many people believed that they would be able to lose weight quickly in a healthy way with protein that is one of the three major nutrients. 60 women died while following the program and many of them died of a heart attack. Even today, there are still many single-food diets including protein. Eating just one kind of food, even if it is a healthy food, disrupts the normal balance of our bodies. We must eat well for healthy weight control.

Ultra-low calorie diet products sold as special nutritious foods can also be dangerous if used heavily. Such products were originally developed for extremely obese people to lose weight with a doctor's instruction. Although they are effective if used supplementary to regular food, they can cause health problems if used to replace real food altogether. No matter what the diet method is, it should be practiced wisely and with caution.

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