Diet Master: certified programs to learn the true information and theory to dieting healthily.

What is Diet Master?

It is important to have the right knowledge on how to diet beautifully and healthily for it is the best short cut for dieting without rebounding weight. Diet Master is the certificate given to those who acquire academic knowledge such as prevention of lifestyle diseases, improvement of dietary habits, various dieting methods and why they do or do not work, and behavioral therapy. Once you obtain it, the knowledge will work forever in your life.

Point 1: I wanted to know the right way to control weight, since I am likely to gain weight easily.
Kaori Tezuka

I learned how to control weight by having three meals daily.

I gained a lot of weight due to an irregular lifestyle combined with eating and drinking too much. I started learning Diet Master the summer of last year. I was able to lose 7kg in six months by acting on the medical knowledge that we gain more fat by skipping meals. The right dietary habits enabled me to lose 1kg a month, which I enjoyed without any hardships. I am pleased that no rebound weight has happened.

Point 2: I would like to lose weight healthily without hardships.
Aimi Fuku

I feel that [Diet Master] gives us the right information to maintain our figure and health.

Since my job is to present myself to the public, I have been interested in dieting. When I visited Germany for one month on business, I gained a few kg. After trying many diet methods, I decided to go with Diet Master. The basics of dieting are to have three meals a day and keep a regular lifestyle. After getting the qualifications, I understood the mechanisms so that I could relax mentally. I am also able to provide my friends with right information.

Point 3: Not only for myself, but my children are also apt to gaining weight.
Emi Morimitsu

I understood that what we needed was not some popular diet method,
but the right knowledge and theory.

Right after the delivery of my baby, I gained 10kg. I tried many diet methods but could not continue them for very long time. In the meantime, I happened to see Diet Master through the Internet and it hit me. It was a refreshing and enjoyable experience to learn about diet theory. The wrong methods or information were explained and corrected. Then, after half a year I was able to lose 12kg. I also use the knowledge to keep my family healthy.